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Dragunas Klaipeda
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Which team will win Baltic Handball League 2020?

Baltic Handball League

  • 2011.01.15 17:27

    Baltic Handball League final four starting to appear

    Baltic Handball League 2nd round continues. Finnish Riihimäki Cocks may ensure their place in play-off after this weekend. One of the most interesting match will be in Põlva where two Estonian giants Põlva Serviti and HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper meet face-to-face.

  • 2010.12.04 17:19

    Photos by Meelis Heli

    05.12.10 Põlva Serviti - VHC Sviesa

  • 2010.12.01 17:32

    Baltic Handball League second round starts this week

    The first leg of the second round of Baltic Handball League 2010 will get underway this week, when Lithuanians will travel to visit their northern neighbours Estonians and Finns. In addition to these matches both Latvian teams will meet each other in Dobele.


  • 2010.11.13 23:49

    Latvia and Lithuania host 3rd weekend matches

    Baltic Handball League's 3rd weekend started on Friday evening with Latvian derby. HK LSPA played home against Dobele Tenax.

    The game was even about 10 minutes. Home team was then leading with 7-4. With the next ten minutes LSPA made their lead to 10 goals and the safe lead was till to the end of the match.

    Andris Molotanovs (HK LSPA head coach): The winning was easy to us because of the quest team was missing 5 first lineup players. This left a mark to their playing system and that let us win the game easyer.

    Ivars Zarins (Tenax Dobele manager): Our 5 first lineup players are injured and for replacement we had to take players from the second team. But with that lineup we can not win against LSPA.

  • 2010.10.11 13:59

    BHL new home page

    We are glad finally to start the new Baltic Handball league home page. In this site you can find team roasters, calendars, results, statistics and other interesting and useful information about BHL.

    We are still working on this home page and collecting all the information from teams.

  • 2010.09.26 21:56

    Champions lost the first game

    At the end of September unexpectedly started the new season in the Baltic Handball league. Already on the first day champions of Baltic and Estonia "Polva Serviti" lost the first game. In the home match Latvian champions "LSPA" beat Estonians by 28:24. On the next day of the tournament "Polva Serviti" won the game over Dobeles "Tenax" from Latvia but the only team who won both matches was "HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp & Paper".

    At the first Kehra easily beat Dobeles "Tenax" but day later took hard win over "LSPA". Now Kehra are on the lead of the Baltic Handball league.

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BHL Table

Group A

1Riihimäen Cocks220059:5094
2SKA Minsk110030:2372
3ZRHK Tenax Dobele210153:56-32
4Põlva Serviti201152:54-21
5ZTR Zaporozhye201151:55-41
6Dragunas Klaipeda100123:30-70

Group B

1HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper220063:5494
2HC Tallinn210155:4782
3VHC Šviesa Vilnius110026:2512
4Celtnieks Riga210158:61-32
5Granitas-Karys Kaunas100125:26-10
6Viljandi HC200243:57-140