Which teams qualify from quarterfinals to Final 4?

Baltic Handball League

  • 2011.09.24 15:40



  • 2011.09.23 20:40


    Tenax Dobele - HK LSPA 23 - 27 (13:17)

  • 2011.09.23 16:16

    Tenax Dobele vs HK LSPA live in internet

    Handball fans can watch today's match between two Latvian teams live in internet.

  • 2011.09.23 13:50

    Officials nomination No 1

    The following referees and delegates are nominated to the BHL new season first games, September 23-25.

  • 2011.09.22 22:10

    BHL 2011/2012 official press release

    Baltic Handball League kicks-off on friday and like last year, seven teams are participating this season.


    Baltic Handball League tournament starts on friday, September 23rd, when seven teams -two from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and one from Finland start their journey for the trophy, Defending champion HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper is trying to defend their title.


    Season opening match takes place in Dobele, where local Tenax is hosting Riga HK LSPA at 19.00. During the weekend, latvians are hosting finnish Riihimäki Cocks and Lithuanian clubs VHC Šviesa and Klaipeda Žemaitijos Dragunas are hosting estonian teams Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper and Põlva Serviti.


    During the main season each team will play one game at home and one away against all teams after that best four teams will go trough to Final Four. It is not decided yet where Final Four takes place but very likely it takes place in Estonia.

  • 2011.09.22 14:14

    New edition of Baltic Handball kickstarts this weekend

    Seven teams have registered for new Edition of Baltic Handball League:

      HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp & Paper (Estonia, 2nd place)
      Põlva Serviti (Estonia, 1st place)
      VHC Sviesa (Lithuania, 5th place)
      Riihimäen Cocks (Finland, 2nd place)
      Klaipeda Dragunas (Lithuania, 1st place)
      LSPA (Latvia, 1st place)
      Tenax Dobele (Latvia, 2nd place)

        In the Main Round teams will meet each other 2 times. The four best teams will qualify in the Final4 tournament, which is held in the end of March 2012.

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      BHL Table

      Group A

      1SKA Minsk10712292:2543815
      2Dragunas Klaipeda10613265:2432213
      3ZTR Zaporozhye10613280:2453513
      4Põlva Serviti10604252:256-412
      5Riihimäen Cocks10316270:257137
      6HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper100010223:327-1040

      Group B

      1ZRHK Tenax Dobele10811323:2834017
      2VHC Šviesa Vilnius10802292:2583416
      3HC Tallinn10514281:273811
      4Celtnieks Riga10406279:302-238
      5Granitas-Karys Kaunas10316274:26867
      6Viljandi HC10019238:303-651