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Baltic Handball League

2010.11.13 23:49

Latvia and Lithuania host 3rd weekend matches

Baltic league's 3rd weekend started on Friday evening with Latvian derby. HK LSPA played home against Dobele Tenax.

The game was even about 10 minutes. Home team was then leading with 7-4. With the next ten minutes LSPA made their lead to 10 goals and the safe lead was till to the end of the match.

Andris Molotanovs (HK LSPA head coach): The winning was easy to us because of the quest team was missing 5 first lineup players. This left a mark to their playing system and that let us win the game easyer.

Ivars Zarins (Tenax Dobele manager): Our 5 first lineup players are injured and for replacement we had to take players from the second team. But with that lineup we can not win against LSPA.

Lithuanians who play home against Estonian teams on this weekend got one win and one lose.

Klaipeda's team won Kehra's team thanks to the good final sprint.

 As a matter of fact they lose the first half 11-15. Till to the 51 minute kehrans were leading the game, but then lost initiative to lithuanians, who took the win.

Arturas Juskenas (Zemaitijos Dragunas head coach):  We lost begin of the match until 4-11, later have big run 4-0 but first half was 15-11 to Kehra. First time when we come ahead was about 48 min later we run 28-24 our. So we have win before 4 min only. My comentar, very strong and good HC Kehra team lost in very egual match.

Jüri Lepp (HC Kehra head coach): We played without lineplayers and that affect our playing tactik. We were leading, but tired in the end. Substitution bench was short. We played too individual in the attack.

In the game Vilnius and Põlva everything was clear in the first half, when home team fell behind 9-18. 

In the second half the strenght difference did not changed and the final result was finalized wiht substitusion players.

Evaldas Lipinskas (VHC Sviesa head coach): We had game on Wednesday in the home league and the team was not recovered form that and players moved very hardly. Põlva has always been very fast and today the demonstrated that again.

Kalmer Musting (Põlva Serviti head coach): The goalkeeper Eston Varusk made a very good game. Very strong was also the teams defense and for that the home team was in trouble with the position attack. In the attack Andrey Ternovvy and Janis Selge were very good. We made very little turnovers.

HK LSPA played in home court against Riihimäen Cocks.

If yesterday the defeated Dobele with 10 goals, then today they got the same defeat from Cocks. Finnish dominated all the game and won in the end 33-24

Andris Molotanovs (HK LSPA head coach): Away team was prepeared for the game. Because we made so many technical mistakes and did not realize our goal changes we lost with so many goals.

Raivo Laast (Riihimäki Cocks head coach): Very good tempocal game. We made less technical mistakes and had a bigger realizing procent what let us win. Goalkeeper Timo Puhakka made a very good game.