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News / BHL 2011/2012 official press release - round 2

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2011.10.21 12:50

BHL 2011/2012 official press release - round 2

Lithuanian teams are meeting the leader


Lithuanian teams started their BHL campaign against estonian teams and scored overall 3 wins and 1 loss. VHC Šviesa has 2 wins and is 2nd in the standings while Klaipeda Zemaitios dragunas is 3rd.


Klaipeda has not yet lost a single point in Lihtuanian championships, while Šviesa has lost Kaunas Granitas-Gaja-Karys. Cocks has had their own difficulties in their domestic campaign, scoring 3 wins and 3 defeats.


VHC Šviesa director Raimondas Maldzius is excpecting tough, but successful weekend. „Cocks is dangerous, even though they have many injuries and Klaipeda is trying to take revenge from last year's defeat,“ said Maldzius. „ Our goal is to win both games, but it will be extremely difficult. We have to play three matches in this week and my biggest concern is that our players could be too tired,“ stated Maldzius. „Arturas Švilpa's injury is also a tough blow for us.“


Žemaitijos dragunas head coach Arturas Juškenas agreed with Maldzius's earlier statements. „We want to take revenge from last season's defeat,“ said Juškenas. „But in every autumn Šviesa has been in better shape than us. While both lithuanian teams have to play 3 matches this week, Šviesa has one day to rest between their matches and this could be very decisive.“


Klaipeda has scored 1 win and 1 defeat in their BHL standings, but this doesn't mean anything for Juškenas. „Serviti had many injuries and this definitely helped us. But against Kehra we had no strength left from previous games,“ told Juskenas. „Šviesa is our main rival in Lithuania and we have put up really good effort in our organization to offer something spectacular to our supporters and fans, so these matches will be very important for us.“


Cocks was hit in troubles when their scoring machine Ghoerghe Safronii injured himself. „Gheorghe has 6 stitches and he will not travel to Lithuania,“ stated Cocks manager Jari Viita. „We have big injury troubles as almost half of our 14 players are out due to traumas.“ Meanwhile Cocks has signed Serbian player who should join the team in Lithuania. „He played in German 2nd Bundesliga and he will join us in Lithuania,“ said Viita and speaked about his teams goals. „Despite all of our troubles, our goals is to win both forthcoming games. We have been successful despite injuries.“


Estonian teams – no points for latvians


It has been tough start for last season's finalists Põlva Serviti and HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper. Serviti came back from Lithuania with 0 points in their bag and Kehra managed to outscore Klaipeda. Both teams will be the hosts for latvian teams HK LSPA and Dobeles Tenax. Both latvian teams have not started their BHL 2012 campaign well, although LSPA did outpower their domestic rivals Dobeles Tenax and has 2 points in their account.


In their domestic leagues HC Kehra, Põlva Serviti and HK LSPA are continuing with maximum points. Dobeles Tenax has lost their away game against LSPA 27-34.


HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper head coach Jüri Lepp says: „ Our goal is to win both matches!“ „We had a small break in domestic league and we have been specially working hard for these forthcoming matches against latvian elite teams.“ HC Kehra's season has started well: „We are leading Estonian championships and defeated Põlva Serviti in Estonian League Cup,“ said Lepp. „Only downside is the BHL defeat against VHC Šviesa, but lithuanians are very hard to beat at their home soil.“


It's been very hard start of the season for Serviti. They have scored maximum points in their domestic league campaign, but in Estonian League Cup and EHF Cup matches they have had to admit defeat to HC Kehra and Bregenz Handball from Austria. Also they have not yet won a single match in BHL. Põlva Serviti's head coach Kalmer Musting admits that they have been unlucky. „We have many injuries,“ says Musting. „At the start of the season Janis Selge got injured, then Roman Ayzatullov and now also Priit Jõks is injured.“ Musting added, that they must win both forthcoming games. „There's no way back,“ he stated. „Our goal is to advance to Final4 tournament. Anything is possible in Final4.“


LSPA head coach Andris Molotanovs also complains about injuries. „Our leader Artis Kurmens picked up injury in a match against Tenax,“ said Molotanovs. „Couple of other players have also some small injury worries. I'm not making any illusions and I expect similar result as last season when we finished in 6th place in the standings,“ told Molotanovs. „Our physical condition is also not the best.“


Dobeles Tenax manager Ivars Zarins is already waiting for spring. „We have many young players and I expect them to be at their best at the end of the season,“ said Zarins. „Unfortunately also we have many injuries. Ironically, both of our leaders picked up injuries in a game against domestic main rivals LSPA.“ Tenax has yet to win a single game in BHL, but according to Zarins they had their chances. „We had very equal first half against Riihimäen Cocks, but in the second half our players started to get tired and we lost,“ admitted Zarins. „The same happened against our opening match against LSPA.“




21.10. (19.00) Klaipeda: Klaipeda Žemaitijos dragunas – Vilniuse VHC Šviesa

22.10. (14.00) Klaipeda: Klaipeda Žemaitijos dragunas – Riihimäki Cocks

22.10. (15.00) Kehra: HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper – Dobeles Tenax

22.10. (18.00) Põlva: Põlva Serviti – Riia HK LSPA

23.10. (14.00) Kehra: HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper – Riia HK LSPA

23.10. (15.00) Vilnius: Vilniuse VHC Šviesa – Riihimäki Cocks

23.10. (16.00) Põlva: Põlva Serviti – Dobeles Tenax


Standings: Riihimäki Cocks 4, Vilniuse VHC Šviesa 4, Klaipeda Žemaitijos dragunas 2, HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper 2, Riia HK LSPA 2, Põlva Serviti 0, Dobeles Tenax 0 points.


Top scorers:

Domantas Cuplinskas (Vilniuse VHC Šviesa) 16

Gražvydas Juška (Klaipeda Žemaitijos dragunas) 16

Karolis Stropus (Klaipeda Žemaitijos dragunas) 16

Gheorghe Safronii (Riihimäki Cocks) 15

Nauris Auzinš (Dobeles Tenax) 14

Mario Karuse (Põlva Serviti) 14

Uku-Tanel Laast (HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper) 13

Oskars Arajs (Riia HK LSPA) 13 goals.